Summer League

This is a league made up of single person teams It will be held every Wednesday night (for 17 weeks) at 6:30 p.m. with participants rotating on a weekly basis to compete against every participant in a round robin format. The first league night will be June 7th and it will be a free practice round with the score being used to form a handicap for each player. The league will be a match play competition based on head-to-head matches between players.  Handicaps will be used in the league and strokes will be given accordingly. Each hole is worth 2 points and the over-all winner of each match will get an additional 2 points. If the players halve the hole then they each earn 1 point. Points will be accumulated as the league progresses. In the case of an absence, the player must find a sub to play for him/her or uses his/her HDCP vs. par. The last week of the league will be the championship night. Awards and prizes will be handed out at the banquet following play on championship night. (Rules and Guidelines are subject to change)

Fee: A $30 deposit per player is due June 1st. The rest of the league fees will be due either on a week to week basis in payments of $15.00 per week ($12 allocated toward greens fees $3 CASH ONLY toward league prize fund) Total league fee is $285 per player, it may be paid in full if the player desires. The Lights is not a cart mandatory course so walking is an option. Each night of the league, when you check in you have the option to pay a discounted $5 league cart fee. You are responsible for your weekly dues even during weeks where you are not playing. By signing below The Lights at Indio holds you responsible for the entire league fund of $285.00

To register for the league, please return this registration form with the deposit of $30.00 (paid by cash only)


Player 1 Name: _______________________________________________________________  

Address: _____________________________________ Email: ___________________________

Home Phone: ______________________________ Cell Phone: __________________________

Signature ______________________________________________________________________

Contact information : Tony Bosken or Mike Garcia (760) 391-4049

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